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The Los Angeles County district lawyer didn't go after criminal rates towards Jackson, even so the singer did access a confidential financial settlement With all the 1993 accuser, Jordan Chandler, and his father once they filed a lawsuit.

I'd personally like to see the hollywood pedo rings ALL get busted just like the did in Britain. You realize there's gotta be a massive cesspool .

I am not expressing Micheal was innocent of being a kid molester. I'm just stating which the DA blew the situation since he actually didn't have a credible witness and he wanted retire likely out with fame and fortune.

I just experienced my 2 sofas and my Bed room cleaned by xr carpet cleaning. The cleaning was fantastic and I'm very happy with it, Extremely RECOMENDED...

R81, I concur that we don't know the extent of Jackson's freak Choices. I do not understand about the scat but It appears obvious that his folks bagged up and eradicated the possibility of Michael's DNA along with the DNA of any one with him being still left guiding. Which is extreme and suspicious.

I concur with almost everything you say, R161, but did not the studio support to get Garland addicted? Was not there major enabling?

My Mate worked inside of a ebook shop and, when MJ arrived to New Zealand, his rep came into your shop and purchased a complete lots of All those coffee desk guides with sachirine photographs of infants and small kids.

Wendy Williams was bitching saying, LET MICHAEL REST!!! Wendy Williams also mentioned, I do not Consider Micheal did anything at all to any youngster! Wendy Williams is a whole bitch and I can not stand that lady!! BTW, Allow Michal rest? truly? what about the victims? they will never be able to relaxation also to Are living ordinary lives! I will likely not check out that bitches clearly show all over again, and leather cleaning Encino I don't understand how people today can watch her shitty, boring show, but that is yet another Tale.

It included an audio recording of an interview completed by Jim Mitteager, a reporter Along with the U.S.-primarily based Globe tabloid, with a couple who worked as cooks at Jackson's Neverland Ranch. Mitteager remaining the tape to Baressi when he died of most cancers in 1997.

He spoke in girly whispers, dressed as though every day had been Sgt. Pepper's Working day and he was the majorette-in-chief, took self-hatred to a new level, utilized a backyard amusement park as bait for pedophilia, claimed he only appreciated to cuddle with kids, regarded his "possess" youngsters instead additional as unique Animals than folks, sought go over as some boy-child Peter Pan figure, and experienced a drug-addled Swiss cheese of the brain. And those are only a few highlights.

[quotation]I thought he dyed their hair so they would be unrecognizable to the general public but now that i'm contemplating it - did he dye Paris' hair?

I like her much too R209, but I am not acquiring her bullshit about getting forced to hold that push convention in opposition to her will for just one second. She was speaking the reality there. Otherwise, she desires to enter performing & give Meryl a operate for her funds.

MJ fans may very well be demonstrated a video clip of Michael humping a child And they might say It truly is phony. Who sleeps by itself with younger boys and installs an alarm to warn him when an adult is approaching his Bed room? A pedophile.

Pedo has nothing at all to perform with gay, but pedos may have exact same sex attraction...but would not gay necessarily mean much more than that? Is not it exact same sex adore...?

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